HR-Payroll Security Roles

The Office of the State Controller takes security very seriously. We see each person who receives a security role as a "Guardian of North Carolina's Data." 

In order to receive a security role, a Security Request must be submitted by the Agency Data Owner to create/change roles assigned to an employee's position. The required training classes must be completed before the position gains security access to the requested role.

Security roles define:

  • What activities users may perform in the Integrated HR-Payroll System.
  • The data users have authority to create and view based on your organization, agency and level.
  • Required training to obtain the role.

Below are the Security Roles for the State of North Carolina in the Integrated HR-Payroll System. 

Agency Data Owners

Data Owner Handbook

HR-Payroll System Course Listing

HR-Payroll Security Role Required Training Additional Recommended Training Role Conflicts
Agency Position Funding Approver OM200 | WF225 None HR Master Data Maintainer and HR Master Data Approver
Charge Object Maintainer TM200 | TM330 WBT None None
Display Organization Management None OM200 None
Display Payroll None PY200 | PY300 None
FMLA Event Maintainer TM200 WBT | TM210 WBT | TM310 None None
Grievance Maintainer PA210 | PA321 WBT None None
HR Master Data Approver PA210 | WF220 None HR Master Data Maintainer and Agency Position Funding Approver
HR Master Data Maintainer PA210 | PA309 WBT | PA310 | PA313 WBT PA420 | WF220 HR Master Data Approver, Agency Poisition Funding Approver, and Payroll Administration
Leave Administration TM310 | TM200 WBT |TM210 WBT None None
OM Position Approver OM200 | WF220 None None
OM Position Requestor OM200 | OM210 None None
Payroll Administrator PY200 WBT | PY300 None None
Short Term Disability Specialist TM300 | TM310 | PA210 | PA370 WBT None None
Time Administrator TM200 WBT | TM220 WBT | TM300 None None
Benefits Display Overview None BN200 None