HR-Payroll System Courses

The following is a list of standard courses and security roles associated with the OSC Integrated HR-Payroll System. The schedule of classes is posted in LMS. If your organization has training needs beyond the normally scheduled classes, please contact us right away. We will work with your team to meet your training needs. 

Class formats are:

  • Online, live Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
  • Self-directed Web-Based Training (WBT).

NOTE: There will be no admittance to VILT classes 30 minutes after the session start time.
NOTE: A student must have the required software of SAP GUI loaded on their machines ahead of the class date.

HR-Payroll Security Role Listing   

Agency Data Owners

Course Number Course Title Prerequisites Security Role or Focus Area Class Format
PA310 Create/Maintain Employee Data PA210 | PA309 WBT FMLA Event Maintainer | Leave Administration | HR Master Data Maintainer VILT
PA313wbt Modifying Position/Employee Data and Reporting PA310 HR Master Data Maintainer WBT
TM300 Time Administration OSC500 | OSC501 | TM200wbt | TM220wbt Time Administrator | Short-Term Disability Specialist VILT
TM310 Leave Administration OSC500 | OSC501 | TM200wbt | TM210wbt Leave Administration VILT
OM200 Organizational Management Overview OSC500 Agency Position Funding Approver | Display Organization Management | OM Position Approver | OM Position Requestor VILT
OM210 Organization Management for Agencies OM200 OM Position Requestor VILT
WF220 SAP Workflow for Approvers PA210 OM Position Approver | HR Master Data Approver VILT
WF225 SAP Workflow for Funding Approvers OM200 Agency Position Funding Approver VILT
PY300 Payroll Administration OSC500 | OSC501 | PY200wbt Display Payroll | Payroll Administration VILT
PY200wbt Payroll Overview, Process, and Policy Changes None Display Payroll | Payroll Administration WBT
BOBJ Prerequisites BOBJ Reporting Tool Prerequisites None Reporting WBT
BOBJ410 Business Objects WEBI Design Mode Component OSC500 | BOBJ Reporting Tool Prerequisites Reporting VILT
BJ500 BJ500 WBT - Report Scheduler BOBJ410 Reporting WBT
PA370wbt Short-Term Disability PA210 Short-Term Disability Specialist WBT
BN200 Benefits Display Overview OSC500 Display Benefits VILT
PA322wbt Create and Maintain Disciplinary Actions PA210 Warnings Maintainer WBT
PA210 PA Terms Concepts and Display Data OSC500 HR Master Data Maintainer | Grievance Maintainer | Short-Term Disability Specialist | Warnings Maintainer VILT
TM340wbt Voluntary Shared Leave None Leave Administration WBT
PA321wbt Create and Maintain Grievances PA210 Grievance Maintainer WBT
PA420 Leave of Absence PA313WBT HR Master Data Maintainer VILT
TM210wbt Leave Administration Overview None FMLA Event Maintainer| Leave Administration WBT
TM200wbt Time Management Overview None Charge Object Maintainer | FMLA Event Maintainer| Leave Administration | Short-Term Disability Specialist | Time Administrator WBT
TM220wbt Time Administration Overview None Short-Term Disability Specialist | Time Administrator WBT
TM330wbt Charge Object Maintainer TM200 Charge Object Maintainer WBT