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8/29/23 7:30 AM As of this morning, the scheduled process from HR/Payroll to NCFS did not complete and therefore no Payroll Disbursement journals are available in NCFS.  The HR/Payroll team is working to re-run the process and Payroll Disbursement journals should be available in NCFS on Wednesday, August 30th.
8/10/23 1:00 PM NCFS Training - WBTs will undergo routine maintenance from Friday, August 11, 2023 @ 5:00 PM until Monday, August 14, 2023 @ 6:00 AM.
8/1/23 7:30 AM As of 7/31/23 at 5:30pm – June and Fiscal Year 2023 are closed in NCFS. August is now open and available for processing. 
12/21/22 8:00 AM OSC will be closed December 23-27 for Christmas holiday. NCFS will be available but no scheduled programs or approvals will be completed during these dates. All processes will resume on Wednesday, December 28th.
11/22/22 7:20 AM Oracle quarterly update 22D completed successfully over the weekend.  A new version of the ADFDI spreadsheet is now available – you can now download Version 5.11.24695 via the Tools menu of NCFS.
11/11/22 7:00 AM OSC is closed in observance of Veterans Day. NCFS is available but transactions requiring approval will be processed on Monday, November 14th.
10/14/22 8:00 AM NCFS is now accessible. OSC is assessing the effects of Thursday's NCID outage and will provide further updates as needed. 
10/3/22 7:30 AM All issues related to NCFS transactions from Friday, Sept. 30th, have been resolved.  If you encounter any problems, please contact the NCFS Help Desk at  
9/30/22 1:25 PM The issue related to interfaced transactions from NCAS into NCFS has been resolved and all transactions should be available in NCFS as expected.  If you have questions or additional issues, please submit a request to NCFS Help Desk at A second, high-priority, issue is actively being worked related to the approval of transactions. IC Transfers submitted for approval prior to 10:30am may show in Error status. We are working to determine root cause and resolution and will keep you updated. 
9/16/22 2:15 PM NCFS Production environment will be temporarily unavailable beginning at approximately 8pm EST on Friday, September 16th. We anticipate the system to be unavailable for 1-2 hours. Any additional updates related to system availability will be posted on this page as needed.
7/29/22 10:15 AM Interfaced transactions are now available in NCFS.  If you continue to encounter issues, please contact NCFS Help Desk at
7/29/22 8:00 AM NCFS Technical and Functional teams are actively working to resolve interface issues.  All inbound interfaces will be reprocessed shortly and transactions will then be available in NCFS.  Update to come once resolved.
6/28/22 11:30 AM NCFS will be available on Friday, July 1st.  OSC and DST approvals will operate on a normal schedule.  
5/18/22 7:00 AM All scheduled interfaces into NCFS have processed successfully as of this morning. Any additional issues should be submitted to NCFS Help Desk for further research. 
5/17/22 5:15 PM NCFS reporting is now available. Any additional issues should be submitted to NCFS Help Desk for further research. 
2/23/22 10:00 PM All approved IC transfers are now posted in NCFS.  We expect all approved transactions to post as scheduled going forward.  
2/23/22 9:30 AM All approved disbursements posted late afternoon Tuesday Feb. 22nd.  Still working to resolve IC Transfers and post them in NCFS.  
2/22/22 1:30 PM NCFS is still experiencing system issues.  Disbursements and transfers were able to be approved this morning but they remain unposted to the ledger.  Deposits continue to be approved and posted with no issues.   The Oracle team is actively engaged on these issues and is working diligently to resolve.  
2/21/22 12:15 PM

NCFS Production environment was updated this past weekend, according to the quarterly schedule we have configured with Oracle.  Issues within NCFS have been identified this morning that we are actively working to identify and correct.   If you receive error message or have issues within the system please submit a ticket to the NCFS Help Desk.

2/21/22 4:45 PM The NCFS team is still actively engaged with Oracle to resolve the issue.  Disbursements and Transfers submitted prior to 10:30am this morning were approved, assuming cash availability, but did not post.  Unposted transactions will reflect as such on your daily reporting.  Many disbursing accounts will likely be negative tomorrow once warrants are cleared and funds transfers sent.  DST will post the transactions to CB$ once they receive the posted transactions from NCFS.  Deposits appear to have been approved and posted.