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Business Objects, also known as BOBJ, is a suite of front-end applications from SAP that allow business users to view, sort, and analyze business intelligence data.  This course is a web-based training that is split up into three sections.  The first section, BOBJ200, will introduce Business Objects definitions and identify the components of the Launch Pad.  

The second section, BOBJ220, introduces the user to Crystal Reports.  This section shows how to select values in a prompt to generate a report.  These reports are pixel perfect with complex layouts that can be printed or exported to a PDF format.  Graphics, charts, and other external objects can be embedded in a Crystal Report to provide professionally formatted reports.  

The third section, BOBJ230, acquaints the user with Web Intelligence (WEBI).  WEBI allows you to perform querying, reporting, and analysis tasks all in a single tool.  In the section on WEBI the user will explore the layout and features of WEBI Reading mode.  This mode introduces the user on how to select prompt values to generate a report and then reviews the tools available in the Reading mode.  This course provides the user with a foundational understanding of operations within BOBJ.

At the conclusion of this course participants will:

  • Understand the definition of Business Objects
  • Identify the components of the Launch Pad
  • Work with the documents in the Launch Pad
  • Understand the definition of Crystal Reports
  • Open and View Crystal Reports
  • Understand the definition of Web Intelligence (WEBI) - Reading Mode
  • Open and View Web Intelligence Reports

Format: Online Tutorial

To launch this web-based training go to LMS

This training consists of BOBJ200, BOBJ220, and BOBJ230.


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