WF225 - SAP Workflow for Funding Approvers

Class Description Details

WF225 is intended to provide participants with the concepts, knowledge, and skills associated with the basic processes related to Agency Funding Approval. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe basic related terms and functions including Org Unit, Job, Position, Validity Period, and Match Code search function
  • Describe the Workflow Process for Funding Approval including viewing a Personnel or Position Change Request (PCR), adding the funding, approving and sending to the next level, returning or canceling, and retaining for further research.
  • Use PO13 transaction for displaying funding information, update funding infotype fields IT1018 and IT9018, process revisions due to fund splitting, and correct errors in Position Funding Infotypes.

This class is part of the process for obtaining the Agency Position Funding Approver security role.  To acquire this role you must do the following:

  • A Security Request must be submitted by the Agency's Data Owner to create/change roles assigned to an employee's position.  The required training classes must be completed before the position gains security access to the requested role.

At the conclusion of this course participants will:

  • Explain the NCAS budget information and how it is connected to the OSC Integrated HR-Payroll System.
  • Enter Cost Distribution using the PO13 - Maintain Position transaction.
  • Identify key differences in the routing of Workflow (WF) Items in OM and PA
  • Access, navigate and complete items within the Workflow Inbox
  • Approve, reserve and replace OM/PA Workflow PCRs


Format: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

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Software Required:


  • OM200 - Organizational Management Overview

More HR-Payroll Training Information:

Welcome! In order for this course to flow effectively, all class material MUST be printed prior to the training session.  For your convenience, the link to the required class material is provided below.

Doug Genzlinger - Instructor

Doug Genzlinger
WF Class Coordinator

Training Materials:

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