Warnings Maintainer

About This Role Obtaining This Role

The Warnings Maintainer role has the ability to maintain warnings on the employee record in the OSC Integrated HR-Payroll System.


  • Create a record of a warning
  • Maintain warnings on master records
  • View and generate reports on employee warnings information

A Security Request must be submitted by the Agency's Data Owner to create/change roles assigned to an employee's position.  The required training classes must be completed before the position gains security access to the requested role.

Required training:

  • PA210 PA Terms, Concepts and Display Data
  • PA322 Create and Maintain Disciplinary Actions





Additional roles added with Warnings Maintainer

  • Display Non-Sensitive HR
  • Display Warnings

Role Conflicts:

Those assigned this role should not be assigned the following roles to prevent conflicts of interests and to allow for segregation of duties:

  • N/A