Time Administrator

About This Role Obtaining This Role

The Time Administrator role is responsible for entering time for employees without Employee Self Service (ESS), time evaluation, review of time evaluation results, requesting configuration changes in regards to SAP, and supporting the management of substitutions and on-calls.  This role also has the ability to make corrections on timesheets that have already been approved.


  • Edit/correct time and distribution information
  • Enter time and distribution for those without ESS
  • Generate a schedule change request
  • Identifies time processing errors
  • Provide time statements and reports to employees without ESS access
  • Request changes to cross application timesheets

A Security Request must be submitted by the Agency's Data Owner to create/change roles assigned to an employee's position.  The required training classes must be completed before the position gains security access to the requested role.

Required training:

  • TM230 Time Management Overview
  • TM300 Time Administration

Recommended training:

  • N/A



Additional roles added with Time Administration:

  • Display Time

Role Conflicts:

Those assigned this role should not be assigned the following roles to prevent conflicts of interests and to allow for segregation of duties:

  • N/A