IT Expenditures Report

The purpose of this report is to provide total information technology (IT) expenditures within the State as required by G.S. § 143B-1335 “Financial Reporting and Accountability for Information Technology Investments and Expenditures.” This statute requires an annual report of IT operations and project expenditures coordinated by the Department of Information Technology with the Office of State Budget and Management and the Office of the State Controller.  

For this report, information technology budgeting and expenditures may include hardware, software, personnel, training, contractual services and other relevant items.  The General Assembly, the Judicial Department, and the UNC System are specifically exempted under G.S. § 43B-1320 from these requirements; however, due to readily available financial data in the North Carolina Accounting System, information for the Judicial Department and the UNC System is included in this report to provide a more complete picture of information technology expenditures in the State. Reporting at the project and application level is not available for these exempt agencies since they do not provide this information to DIT for inclusion in the Information Technology Portfolio Management System. 

The basis for this report is the statewide chart of accounts and the personnel classification system. The primary sources of this data are the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS), the UNC System Data Mart, the HR/Payroll System, and the Information Technology Portfolio Management System. Below is the most recent report. To see more reports, check out the Report Archives.