Training Overview

Multi-Delivery Approach

three people at a tableThe OSC Training Center incorporates a mixture of training delivery methods and materials.

  • Training Center Classroom (TNC) - The student attends training in a classroom with an instructor
  • Web-based Training (WBT) - Activities are available online for the student to complete on their schedule and at their own pace
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) - An advanced online learning tool used to emulate a traditional classroom environment. This completely interactive live technology allows for two-way information sharing. Not only will the student be able to view the instructor's computer screen, the instructor will be able to view the student's screen. If a student is having difficulty with an exercise, the instructor will be able to view the student's screen and quickly identify the exact problem. Students can listen to the instructor and ask questions using teleconferencing.

Our Training Staff

April Durrence Nicole Livingston Fontanez Doug Genzlinger Laura Lee Cindy MacDonald Mayuri Surati Anthony Taylor