Training Overview

Training Overview

Helping others be successful is what drives us at OSC. Students emerge from our classes prepared to face the challenges of their workplace responsibilities. Participants overwhelmingly tell us that they are able to perform skills learned at OSC with little or no assistance upon returning to the workplace. Part of the reason for that success is the combining of our dedicated and talented instructors with a mixture of training delivery methods and materials.

  • Virtual Classroom Training – Since the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, OSC Training has adopted a virtual model for almost all instructor-led classes. Virtual training allows students from across the state to participate in job-required training without having to travel to Raleigh. This saves employee time, reduces our carbon footprint, and saves thousands in taxpayer dollars per year.  OSC uses state-of-the-art technology to engage and teach students from any state agency or entity. This completely interactive live technology allows for two-way information sharing. Not only can the student view the instructor's computer screen, but the instructor can view the student's screen as well. If a student is having difficulty with an exercise, the instructor can view the student's screen and quickly identify the exact problem. Students can see and listen to the live instructor as well as ask questions in real time.
  • Web-based Training (WBT) – For a wide variety of topics, we offer self-directed, web-based courses. These courses are done without a live instructor and at the convenience of the student. Instructors are available for questions on these classes during regular business hours or by appointment. 

Michael Euliss - Director

Laura Lee

Laura Lee - Senior Trainer

April Durrence - Instructional Designer

Jan Prevo

Jan Prevo - LMS Administrator

Doug Genzlinger

Doug Genzlinger - HR-Payroll Instructor

Cindy MacDonald - HR-Payroll Instructor

Dawn Parrish - HR-Payroll Instructor

Ashley O'Connor - NCFS Instructor

Anthony Taylor - NCFS Instructor

Leah Williams

Leah Williams - NCFS Instructor