PayPoint Gateway Service

PayPoint Gateway Service

The PayPoint Gateway Service is an optional gateway service provided by the OSC under Amendment Number 2 to the Merchant Services Contract with SunTrust Merchant Services (STMS). In addition to a “payment engine” (similar to what was offered by the Common Payment Service gateway), PayPoint offers a “web consumer interface” component, also referred to as a “presentment engine.” By virtue of having a presentment engine, four important features distinguish the PayPoint gateway service from most other gateway services.

Portal Builder -- Provides each subscribing agency the ability to easily create a webpage, utilizing templates, to facilitate the initiation of payment by site visitors.

Electronic Biller Presentment / Transaction Validation -- Allows the subscribing agency to update a database containing transactions (e.g., invoices) to accommodate the validation of a payment which may be attempted to be paid by a site visitor.

Multiple Payment Options -- Allows the site visitor to select one of two payment options – credit card or ACH bank draft and PINless debit cards.

Administrative Capabilities – PayPoint provides a robust administrative screen that allows the agency to perform activities such as research payments in real time, record customer service notes, run reports, make payments and issue refunds or partial refunds.

The PayPoint gateway solution, offered under the statewide contract beginning in February 2015, is offered in addition to the original gateway service offered through STMS, referred to as “First Data Global Gateway” (also known as YourPay). The PayPoint gateway was added primarily due one of the findings of the 2008 E-Commerce Task Force Report, which found that the ability to accept online payments is deemed to be the biggest ingredient to a successful ecommerce program, and that an enterprise solution was needed for those agencies that did not have the in-house expertise and/or resources to develop their own Web capture applications.