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North Carolina Accounting System - Decision Support System

System Status:  DSS Static Report Portal logins that get an "HTTP Status 403" error can be resolved by pressing the F5 key or clicking on your browser's refresh/reload button. Once the web page is reloaded, you will be logged into the portal. We are working to resolve this issues ASAP.

The North Carolina Accounting System Decision Support System (NCAS DSS) is an information access and reporting tool that provides NC Accounting System data to agency financial and budget analysts. DSS utilizes data downloaded from the NC Accounting System nightly.

DSS supports information access capabilities by providing desktop queries and reports. Information is provided as multidimensional cubes and reports which enable the user to drill down, filter and sort data as necessary and create custom reports on that data. The resulting data can be incorporated into other end-user productivity tools such as spreadsheets, word processor documents, databases and email. A variety of standard reports are generated during nightly production and provided via the DSS web site. Historical data is also available through the DSS website.

For NCAS DSS support, call (919) 707-0795 or email: