BD701F Monthly Report of Federal Funds

Report Series Name

C-U-GL-BD701-GRANT (agency run report) or
C-GL-BD701-GRANT (OSC production report)

Report Name

BD701-F Monthly Report of Federal Funds


Source code for agency run report is located in GLPUBLIC library.

Report is also run during the nightly production cycle for the current month or previous month. Copies of these reports may be found in Systemware groups OSCOP* MOCUR-2 BD701F REPORTS or OSCOP* MOPRE-2 BD701F REPORTS where the * is replaced by 'C' or 'F' depending on which region the agency is located.

Records/Retention Requirements

ITEM 42838.  Monthly Report of Federal Funds (C-GL-BD701-GRANT-REPORT).  Monthly budget reports.

DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS:  Destroy in office when released from all audits.


Use this report to manage federal grant awards and draw downs. This report is part of the required month-end report package that is submitted to the appropriate central management agencies. The reporting period is each calendar month of the fiscal year.


This report contains both current state fiscal year information and total grant life-to-date information for 3XXXX budget codes. Each grant is recorded by the fiscal year of Federal Funding (as entered in positions 10-11 of account number). The report includes separate pages for each Federal Fiscal Year within a fund and a summary page by fund.

The only accounts included in this report are 4321xxxxxxx, 432Dxxxxxxx, 4327xxxxxxx, 434160003xx, 5388xxxxxxx, and 659310xxxxx plus their related account family members.

The report further excludes accounts which have a '1' in the RECONCILE CODE field on GL screen 286 or GL screen 287. The RECONCILE CODE field is used to indicate that a grant is closed and the agency no longer needs this grant's information to appear on the report.


This report gives totals for expenditures and revenues in all report columns.

Column Headings - column/line numbers refer to the sample report layouts

  • BUDGET - (Column C) lists the authorized budget posted to accounts 73 and 63 account types for the current state fiscal year. The budget is displayed at the year-to-date level only.
  • ACTUAL - (Column D) lists actual accounting activity posted to accounts 53 and 43 account types for the current state fiscal year. The activity is displayed at three levels: year-to-date, quarter-to-date and month-to-date. Expenditure activity posted to the 53 account type represents disbursements/ transfers from the federal budget code to an operating budget code. Revenue activity posted to the 43 account type represents deposits/federal draw downs recorded in the federal budget code.
  • UNEXP BUDGET - (Column E) lists the remaining budget for the current state fiscal year. This amount is calculated as BUDGET (Column C) less ACTUAL (Column D). The unexpended budget is displayed at the year-to-date level only.
  • AWARD - (Column F) lists the grant life-to-date federal funding award amount posted to account 659310. The award amount is displayed as a single amount on the Total Expenditures and Total Revenue rows.
  • ACTUAL - (Column G) lists the grant life-to-date accounting activity posted to the 53 and 43 account types. These amounts may include activity from multiple state fiscal years.
  • UNEXP/UNDRAWN AMT - (Column H) lists the balance of the grant life-to-date award which is unexpended or undrawn. This amount is calculated as AWARD (Column F) less ACTUAL (Column G).
  • UNEXP BUDGET FUTURE - (Column I) lists the unexpended budget available for future obligation. This amount is calculated as UNEXP/UNDRAWN AMT (Column H) less UNEXP BUDGET (Column E).

Row Notes - column/line numbers refer to the sample report layout

NET REV LESS EXP - (Row 11) lists the difference in the total revenue section activity and the total expenditure section activity. This amount is not displayed on the individual pages by federal fiscal year if the difference calculated is zero. This section always appears on the fund summary pages.

Run Statements

The run statement member name is C-U-GL-BD701-GRANT-RUN

000200 RUN C-U-GL-BD701-GRANT ;
000500 'N' ;
000700 00 ;
000900 'XXXX' ;
001000 'XXXX' ;
001100 'XXXX' ;
001200 'XXXX' ;
001600 '0'

Type over the displayed variable values with your agency's values.

Valid values for PRIOR-YEAR-IND are 'Y' or 'N' . Use 'Y' for prior fiscal year balances. Use 'N' for current fiscal year balances.

Valid values for PERIOD are 01, 02, 03, ... 12. ( 01 = July, 02 = August, 03 = September, etc.)

Valid values for GL-CNTR-STATUS-CODE are '0' or '1'. Use '0' to report only active accounting distributions. Use '1' to report only inactive accounting distributions. Comment out the selection and value statements to report all accounting distributions. 

BD701 Example