MS Login Help

The Integrated HR-Payroll System requires Microsoft credentials to login.  After clicking the black ‘Sign in’ button, you will be prompted with a screen like below:

FIORI log-in page

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to solve common login problems. If you need assistance, please contact your NCID Administrator.

Tab/Accordion Items

In most cases, your Microsoft Login username is your state agency-assigned email address.  If you do not have a state agency-assigned email address, your Microsoft Login username will be your NCID username followed by ‘’ (i.e.,  In all cases, Microsoft Login usernames are in an email address format.

If you have an agency-assigned email address, your password will be the password used to access that email account.  If you do not have an agency-assigned email address but instead use your NCID username followed by ‘’ as your username, your password would be your NCID password.  In other cases, a small percentage of users will instead use a passcode rather than a password.

All Microsoft Login issues should be directed to your agency’s NCID Administrators.  Do not contact BEST Shared Services or the DIT Service Desk before reaching out to your agency NCID Administrator(s).  

Click the link below and navigate to your agency.  After selecting your agency, contact information for your agency’s support and/or NCID Administrators will be provided.

NCID State Agency Administrators

  • Double-check the spelling on the email address you’ve entered.
  • Double-check the spelling on the password you’ve entered.
  • Double-check to make sure you are using your state-issued email address OR if you don’t have a state-issued email address.
  • Double-check to make sure you are using your state-issued email password OR your NCID password if using an email address.
  • Capture a single screenshot of the error message you are receiving – this will help your NCID Administrator and others troubleshoot your issue.