Friday, March 3, 2023

State Controller Releases Statement Regarding Recent Supreme Court Order on the Leandro Case

Raleigh, NC
Mar 3, 2023

As State Controller, I must follow the law and I have no authority to judge whether local school funding is either too austere or too generous.  My primary job is to ensure that your state tax dollars are managed with the utmost accuracy, independence, and professionalism.  I am very pleased with today’s Supreme Court Order which allows me to continue the office’s work in an orderly, accountable, and sustainable manner.   

About OSC
The State Controller is North Carolina’s chief fiscal officer.  The Office of the State Controller serves as an independent resource to ensure the financial integrity of the State by providing accounting, disbursing, payroll, internal control, data management, eCommerce, and financial reporting systems that serve state agencies, employees, and the public.  


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