HR Master Data Maintainer

About This Role Obtaining This Role

The HR Master Data Maintainer role has the ability to maintain employee master data and perform employee actions including hiring, separating, promoting, demoting, or reassignment information for employees.  This role also maintains reallocation, transfer, work against, longevity pay, leave of absence and return from leave of absence information within SAP.


  • Change an employee’s appointment within an agency
  • Maintain data associated with personnel administration actions
  • Maintain dates for service calculations
  • Perform demotion action
  • Perform employee separation action (including retirement)
  • Perform leave of absence action (including workers compensation)
  • Perform new hire action
  • Perform promotion action
  • Perform reinstatement action
  • Perform salary adjustments
  • Perform suspension action
  • Perform transfer action
  • Record career progression
  • Record investigatory leave with pay

A Security Request must be submitted by the Agency's Data Owner to create/change roles assigned to an employee's position.  The required training classes must be completed before the position gains security access to the requested role.

Required training:

  • PA210 - PA Terms, Concepts and Display Data
  • PA309 - Introduction to Create and Maintain Employee Data
  • PA310 - Create and Maintain Employee Data
  • PA313 - Modifying Position/Employee Data and Reporting

Recommended training:

  • PA420 - Leave of Absence
  • WF220 - SAP Workflow for Approvers





Additional roles added with HR Master Data Maintainer:

  • Display Benefits
  • Display Org Management
  • Display Non-Sensitive HR
  • Display Salary Pay Grade
  • Display Time
  • Workflow

Role Conflicts:

Those assigned this role should not be assigned the following roles to prevent conflicts of interests and to allow for segregation of duties:

  • HR Master Data Approver
  • Agency Position Funding Approver
  • Payroll Administration