200.9 - Statewide Accounting Policy - Provision of State Services to Delinquent Debtors

Policy Area:  Accounts Receivable
Policy Sub Area:  N/A
Authority:  GS 147-86.21 and GS 147-86.23
Effective Date:  7/1/1995
Last Revision Date:  N/A
Policy Owner/Division:  Statewide Accounting


Agencies and institutions shall develop internal policies and procedures for delaying or withholding certain state services to persons who refuse to pay their debts. This policy shall not be interpreted to be in conflict with the policies of any State-supported hospital and shall not be the basis of denying necessary mental health or medical assistance or other similar services deemed necessary under Federal or State laws to any individual. 

Institutions of higher education shall develop policies and procedures to ensure that no student having any outstanding past-due accounts with that institution is allowed to enroll for the next term.



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