PC01 - Procurement Card

PC01 is a web based training that will walk you through a step by step process of how to use the Procurement Card System in the NCAS Environment. You can start and stop the web-based training as often as you like and/or refer to the training manual listed under Associated Files and follow the step by step processes. Upon completion of the course, if you wish to access the NCAS Practice Region, contact OSC Support Services at 919-707-0795 or osc.support.services@osc.nc.gov to obtain an operator ID and password. The NCAS Practice Region material is listed under Associated Files.

At the conclusion of this course participants will understand:

  • Mainframe logon/logoff
  • NCAS logon/logoff
  • Resetting ID’s
  • System background/history
  • Chart of accounts overview
  • Terminology
  • Moving from module to module
  • Moving from screen to screen
  • Accessing help
  • Action fields
  • Required fields
  • Basic inquiry
  • Benefits
  • Training approach
  • Information access (reports)

Format: Online Tutorial

To launch this web-based training, go to LMS


  • None

Laura Lee - Instructor Laura Lee - NCAS Coordinator


In order for this course to flow effectively, all class material MUST be printed prior to the training session.  For your convenience, the location to the required class material is provided below.

Training Materials:  NCAS Student Guides must be accessed through LMS.  Once in LMS, type the class name in the search field: i.e. for DSS, type DSS and click Search.  From there, click on the Student Guide and then click Launch.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, please do not print your materials more than five (5) business days before your scheduled class.