CI01 - Capital Improvements

CI01 is for users of the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) and recommended for Capital Improvement Managers.  Users must have a valid RACFID and NCAS Operator ID before registering for this class.  Anyone registered without this information will be denied the class with notice to the student.

At the conclusion of this course participants will understand:

  • Business process overview
  • Chart of accounts structure
  • Budget authorization
  • Budgetary account structure
  • NCAS accounting procedures
  • Life-to-date accounting
  • Account balances
  • Information access (reports)

Format: OSC Training Center Classroom

Check LMS to find out when this class is being taught.


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Laura Lee - Instructor  Laura Lee - NCAS Coordinator

Welcome! In order for this course to flow effectively, all class material MUST be printed prior to the training session.  For your convenience, the location to the required class material is provided below.

Training Materials:  NCAS Student Guides must be accessed through LMS.  Once in LMS, type the class name in the search field; i.e., for DSS, type DSS and click Search.  From there, click on the Student Guide and then click Launch.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, please do not print your materials more than five (5) business days before your scheduled class.