NC Financial System Courses

The following is a list of standard courses associated with the NC Financial System. 

Please note there will be no admittance to class after 30 minutes of the session start time. 

NCFS Security Administrators

NCFS Security Roles

Course Number Course Title Prerequisites Focus Area Location
NAV100 Advanced NCFS Navigation and Inquiry GEN104 Financial VILT
BU100 Budget Management GEN104 Budget WBT
DMV GL100 DMV Journal Entry for LPAs and DMVs GEN103 Financial WBT
FAN100 Financial Accounting System Basics None Financial WBT
FAN101 General Ledger Subledgers None Financial WBT
FAN102 Cash vs Accrual None Financial WBT
FAN103 Assets and Liabilities None Financial WBT
FAN104 Revenue and Expenditure None Financial WBT
FAN105 Financial Statements None Financial WBT
GEN101 Introduction and Overview of the NC Financial System (NCFS) None Financial WBT
GEN104a NCFS Common Features GEN103 Financial WBT
GEN105 NCFS Advanced Inquiry - OSC Course Only None Financial WBT
GL100a Journal Entry NAV100 Financial VILT
GL101 Journal Approver GL100a Financial WBT
GEN102a North Carolina Chart of Accounts GEN101 Financial WBT
GEN103 NCFS Basic Navigation None Financial WBT
IC100a Transfer Entry - Creation and Receiving GL100a Financial VILT
IC101 Intercompany Transfer Approval IC100a Financial WBT
OAR100 North Carolina Annual Reporting Business Process Overview - OSC Course Only GEN105 Reporting WBT
OAR102 Inputting Organizations Annual Reporting Information into NCFS - OSC Course Only OAR100 Reporting WBT
OAR103 Annual Report Processing Journal Entries - OSC Course Only OAR102 Reporting WBT
OAR105 How Do I Data Forms - OSC Course Only OAR103 Reporting WBT
OAR106 Annual Reporting Introduction to Doclets - OSC Course Only OAR105 Reporting WBT
SV200 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Options Feature - OSC Course Only OAR106 Reporting WBT
SV100 Overview of Smart View - OSC Course Only OAR102 Reporting WBT
SV204 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Dimension Members Feature - OSC Course Only SV202 Reporting WBT
SV205 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Mathematical Calculations Feature - OSC Course Only SV203 Reporting WBT
SV203 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Zoom In and Out Feature - OSC Course Only SV201 Reporting WBT
SV202 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Keep Only and Remove Only Feature - OSC Course Only SV200 Reporting WBT
SV201 NCFS Smart View Capabilities Ad Hoc Analysis Feature - OSC Course Only SV100 Reporting WBT