Introducing FIORI 2.0

Introducing Fiori 2.0

What is Fiori?

On Monday, April 19, 2021, after many months of great work reimagining how our State Government of the future will interact with the Integrated HR-Payroll System, OSC Launched Fiori 2.0. This replaced the mobile app which was part of version 1.0 of an SAP initiative called Fiori. Fiori 2.0 will eventually be a replacement for the current HR-Payroll System portal bringing you the most modern and friendly user experience possible. You are invited to try out Fiori today, which currently only has a few apps but is continuing to grow. 

If you would like to try it, please go here:  You can do this from your desktop or mobile device. It is live data, so anything you enter or change will be reflected in the Integrated HR-Payroll System. If you were using the app, it will still function but is no longer supported. Should you have problems with it, our support staff will simply direct you to the new URL and version 2.0.