Adverse Weather Policy


The safety of OSC staff and visitors is paramount. We understand that students travel from different areas of the state and weather conditions may differ based on location. It shall be the responsibility of the OSC training staff and visiting students to make a good faith effort to come to class in adverse weather conditions, but not to the extent that personal safety is compromised or threatened.

For the purpose of audience and announcement coverage, please refer to the following

In the event of Adverse Weather, OSC Training will follow local weather reports and make an announcement regarding cancellation/rescheduling a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the class. The 24-hour timeframe is to accommodate out of town students that would need to cancel within a “no penalty” window for accommodations. The announcement will be made earlier if possible.

If you have further questions please call our hotline at (919) 707-0648. We will leave a class status recording at that number no later than 6:00AM the day of the training. If the weather in your area prevents you from traveling to Raleigh, NC for the class, please notify us at (919) 707-0648 or email as soon as possible.

For those students who travel from remote areas and must leave their office in advance, it may help you to refer to local TV station weather forecasts to make travel decisions.

In the event of class cancellation due to Adverse Weather or a personal cancellation due to localized hazardous conditions, scheduled students will be given first priority of the next available session and will be notified accordingly. Students in these situations should “withdraw” from this class in LMS to document the reason for absence.