Welcome to FIORI 2.0

fiori landing page

What is Fiori?

Fiori is a modern, mobile friendly, web-based interface scheduled to replace the portal for the State of North Carolina as the way to access the Integrated HR-Payroll System.  The newest release will be available on October 20 in your browser and on your mobile device and contains:

  • My Addresses
  • My Communications
  • Employee Working Time Report
  • Employee Quota Overview
  • Manager Time Leveling Report
  • Manager Employee Quota Overview
  • HR-Payroll News
  • BOBJ link

Video tutorials are available below, and more are coming soon.

Try Fiori

Questions or requests for assistance should be directed to BEST Shared Services at BEST@osc.nc.gov or by telephone at 919-707-0707 or 866-622-3784.