Miguel Gracia - First Data

conferenceMiguel Gracia – VP Solutions Engineering - Sr. Executive with 30 years of technology experience. 
His expertise revolves around payment processing solutions, tokenization, Point-to-Point 
Encryption (P2PE) terminals, Ecommerce, network security and information security within PCI 
Miguel Gracia joined CardConnect® (a First Data company) in 2012. He supports the CardConnect 
Enterprise team as a Sr. Solutions Engineer and develops product solutions within the Enterprise 
Gateway Integration and Support groups. Miguel has completed hundreds of payment processing 
integrations within the CardConnect gateway.  For over 20 years, Miguel has taken lead roles during 
the design, testing, deployment, and management of secured data networks, PCI data compliance 
processes and information systems, and IT departments supporting customers in diverse payment 
processing environments. 
Miguel Gracia has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the New Jersey 
City University and a Master of Science in IT Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology.