700.2 - HR-Payroll Policy - Human Resources and Payroll Agency and Employee Responsibility

Policy Area:  HR-Payroll
Policy Sub Area:  Payroll
Authority:  G.S. 143B-426.39 Powers and Duties of the State Controller
Effective Date:  7/1/2007
Last Revision Date:  11/16/2017
Policy Owner/Division:  HR-Payroll


All State employees shall fulfill certain responsibilities in regards to payroll.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Agencies should designate a person(s) within their Payroll, Human Resources, or Time keeping areas that can assist employees with payroll questions in a timely manner.
  • Agencies that utilize the NC HR/Payroll System should use the chain of command within their agency before contacting Best Shared Services so that issues can be resolved in total – to prevent repeat inquiries.  
  • Agencies should inform their employees of all communication that is pertinent to their pay as soon as possible.
  • Agencies should approve all time in keeping with their specific system’s schedule so that employees are paid all that is due for their payroll cycle.
  • Agency representatives should follow internal control and security procedures to protect employee information.
  • Agencies should fund payroll for expenses incurred by their employee payrolls by the required deadlines.
  • Agencies that utilize the NC HR/Payroll System should review their preliminary payroll results and contact Best Shared Services with issues.
  • Agencies should verify payroll postings to the general ledger accounts.

Supervisor Time Approval Responsibilities

The supervisor must validate the time entered by their employees.  They should utilize the Integrated HR/Payroll System to approve the time.   If paper timesheets are used, validate the time submitted for the Timekeeper’s approval.
If the employee is working outside the supervisor’s direct observation (i.e., remotely), extra efforts by the supervisor may be needed to validate the time submitted by the employee.    

Employee Responsibilities

  • When employees have payroll questions, they should first seek assistance from their Agency Payroll or Human Resource representative, and/or Timekeeper.  If further inquiry is required specifically for NC HR/Payroll System users, the employee and/or agency representative should call Best Shared Services where their call, email or fax will be registered into a call system and submitted to the appropriate area for resolution.
  • Employees should promptly inform their agency of any changes in personal information (e.g. name, address, banking, and emergency contact changes) that are necessary to process and generate payroll accurately.  In the NC HR/Payroll System an employee has three options for this process to be handled accurately; enter new information into the Employee Self Service (ESS) module within the NC HR/Payroll System, contact agency representative for assistance, or contact Best Shared Services for assistance. 
  • Employees should promptly inform their agency of any payroll errors.
  • Employees should follow internal control and security procedures when conveying payroll information to the appropriate resources.



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G.S. 143B-426.39 Powers and Duties of the State Controller

Revision History

  • 11/16/2017 - Added supervisor responsibilities - Ray Scerri