500.5 - Statewide Accounting Policy - Electronic Payment Confirmation

Policy Area:  eCommerce
Policy Sub Area:  N/A
Authority:  G.S. 143B-426.39(1) and (5); G.S. 147-86.11(a); G.S. 147-86.22(b); and Chapter 66, Article 11A (G.S. 66-58.1 through 66-58.19)
Effective Date:  10/1/2005
Last Revision Date:  N/A
Policy Owner/Division:  Statewide Accounting


All applications that utilize merchant cards or electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions as a method of payment via the Worldwide Web shall provide for the generation of a confirmation of the transaction at the time of the order. Confirmations shall adhere to the Office of State Controller Policy on “Security and Privacy of Data,” regarding the disclosure of confidential information.



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