1100.8 - State Disbursing Policy - North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) Check Printing

Policy Area:  State Disbursing
Policy Sub Area:  Uniform NC Accounting System
Authority:  GS 143B-426.40G
Effective Date:  5/30/2014
Last Revision Date:  2/20/2018
Policy Owner/Division:
  Statewide Accounting


NCAS Check Print User Access:

Each agency will assign two (2) users to print their NCAS checks. This access is requested via a form that can be downloaded from:


In order to print NCAS checks, the agency user must have a NCID account that is part of the EADS domain. This NCID account is managed by Department of Information Technology (DIT). If an agency is not part of the EADS domain, OSC will create an OSC NCID for this user to be used only for the CSeries software. In addition, the user will be given a CSeries ID in order to access the check printing software. The CSeries ID is assigned by a CSeries administrator at OSC.

System Setup Policy:

OSC will provide each agency with the equipment and software configuration necessary to print checks.

  • One (1) MICR-certified network printer (physical key-controlled)
  • Internet Explorer vendor specific plugins
    • These plugins are required to be loaded on the user’s computer in order to assure that CSeries operates correctly.
  • Network printer configuration instructions
  • Internet explorer settings modification etc.
    • These settings are required on the user’s computer in order to assure that CSeries operates correctly.

The agency will be responsible to provide the following:

  • IP address for the printer
  • Physical network connectivity for the printer
  • Electrical power source
  • Physical space to set-up printer
  • Check Stock (see source below)
  • MICR Toner Cartridges

Physical Security

Due to the sensitive nature of the check print process, adequate security must be provided for both equipment and supplies. Specifically, the following [minimum] security measures are required:

  • Keys
    • A key is used to unlock the paper tray where the check stock is loaded. This tray must be locked at all times.
    • The key must be stored in a secure location when not in use.
  • Blank Check Stock Any check stock not loaded into the secured printer tray must be stored in a cool, dry secured location.

Security Measures

NCAS check data is automatically pulled from production and downloaded into the C-Series application for printing.
Agency users only have access to the data for their assigned agency. No assigned check print user can access data from organizations other than their own. This access is driven by the agency specific settings that are assigned to the users within the CSeries software.
When an agency submits a request to add or remove users within the CSeries software, OSC will ensure that only two users are authorized per agency, unless an exception arises. This check printing change form will need to be reviewed and signed by the agency’s CFO or Agency Security Administrator in order to approve the change to the agency’s users within the CSeries software. An OSC CSeries administrator will process the changes within the CSeries software once the form is approved.

Request for Digitized Signature for Agency Check Signer

When an agency has a personnel change that involves who will sign the agency’s checks, a request form must be completed to obtain the digital signature. The form is located at: https://www.osc.nc.gov/documents/c-series-check-printing-form under Check Printing -- Digitized Signature Request. The form must be submitted to OSC Support Services.

Ordering Consumable Supplies

Printer Toner Cartridges The MICR toner to be used should be in compliance with the Department of State Treasurer’s Banking Services Handbook, and should be compatible with the agency’s check printer.

Managing Access Control Standards

It is the policy of the Office of the State Controller (OSC) to comply with all applicable security standards issued by the State CIO under the authority of G. S. § 147-33.110. The access rights for users of OSC’s enterprise application systems shall be reviewed and documented on a semi-annual and quarterly basis for all privileged accounts. Every quarter a NCXPTR report named “CSeries Security Report” is generated to report the users within the CSeries software.

Check Stock State agencies can purchase check stock independently, as long as the purchase is under their delegation. Check stock paper purchased from any vendor must incorporate all security features of the current check stock and be approved by the Department of the State Treasurer.



Accounting Guidance


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Revision History

  • 5/16/2014 - Removed OSC’s recommendations for MICR toner, and referenced the Department of State Treasurer’s Banking Services Handbook. Also removed were any recommended vendor names listed in the Check Stock guidance.
  • 5/7/2015 - Removed the computer equipment under the System Setup Policy and removed the Hardware section that was referencing the computer equipment that has been removed.
  • 11/19/2015 - Removed the OSC Domain Access under the NCAS Check Print User Access section. Removed the Access Monitoring section. Added the printer configuration that OSC provides and computer that the agency provides under the System Setup section. Added the Managing Access Control Standards section.
  • 12/8/2015 - Added and removed text for several sections of the policy in order to ensure that the policy was accurate as possible.
  • 2/20/2018 - Updated links