General CMCS Information

Pursuant to State Statute, the State Controller keeps a record of appropriations, allotments, expenditures, and revenues of each state agency by maintaining the Cash Management Control System (CMCS). CMCS is an on-line system for the purpose of recording daily transactions that affect the budgetary accounts of the State. The State Controller provides state agencies state-wide access to CMCS through the State Computer Network. Daily, CMCS users in State departments, agencies, and institutions across the State access CMCS to certify the deposit of State funds and requisition funds to fund disbursements. Requisitions that are approved by the State Controller result in funds being deposited to the agency’s disbursing account maintained with the State Treasurer. A daily interface with the State Treasurer’s Core Banking System (CB$) results in the requisitions being posted to the CB$.

CMCS enables OSC to perform the following functions:

  • Assess the cash position of the State.
  • Maintain monetary control over appropriations.
  • Maintain monetary control over quarterly allotments.
  • Maintain monetary control over disbursements.
  • Provide account balances as required for monthly and quarterly reporting.

CMCS provides data entry screens for the following transactions:

  • Certification of deposits.
  • Requisition of funds.
  • Intra agency transfer of funds.
  • Inter agency transfer of funds.

CMCS provides inquiry screens that enable users to:

  • Inquire on the status of individual transactions
  • Inquire on balances in budgetary accounts
  • Compare balances with agency accounting records prior to reporting.