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5/1/18 8:20 AM

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The June 1, 2018 bi-weekly payroll will post in May.

All BEACON bi-weekly pay days that occur on the 1st,2nd, or 3rd of the month will be posted to the prior month.   Pay days falling on the 1st, or 2nd will have both the GL entries and the CMCS requisitions dated in the prior month.  Pay days falling on the 3rd will post to GL with an effective date of the last day of the prior month and CMCS requisitions posted in the current month as a “set back” to the prior month.    Please be aware that NCAS postings and CMCS requisitions will be dated in the month prior to the pay date.   Please make sure all applicable personnel are made aware of this notification to ensure your agency has the funds available in the month prior to the actual payroll date. 

5/1/18 8:00 AM OSC will begin checking certifications for the month of April, 2018, on Tuesday, May 1, 2018
4/26/18 9:15 AM

What’s New – Update of Year End Checklist and Special Processing Hours:

The OSC website has been updated with the new "Agency End of Year Calendar & Checklist" for the 2018 fiscal year close.  Please note that the final check run for 2018 will be on June 26th to be printed on June 27th.  June 26th is also the last date for manual checks and corrections between Budget Codes involving cash for FY2018 without permission from OSC’s Central Compliance Section.

Also posted on the OSC webpage are the Saturday and other special operating hours for June through October. It is important to note that no client support will be provided on Saturdays and other special processing dates.

The Agency End of Year Calendar & Checklist and the Special Hours sites can be accessed through the OSC State Agency Resources webpage or the following web address: 

2/14/18 11:30 AM All Pcard transactions with a posting date of 7/13/2007 have been removed from NCAS.