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10/1/18 9:50 AM

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The November 2, 2018 bi-weekly payroll will post in October.  All BEACON bi-weekly pay days that occur on the 1st,2nd, or 3rd of the month will be posted to the prior month. Pay days falling on the 1st or 2nd will have both the GL entries and the CMCS requisitions dated in the prior month.  Pay days falling on the 3rd will post to GL with an effective date of the last day of the prior month and CMCS requisitions posted in the current month as a “set back” to the prior month.    Please be aware that NCAS postings and CMCS requisitions will be dated in the month prior to the pay date. Please make sure all applicable personnel are made aware of this notification to ensure your agency has the funds available in the month prior to the actual payroll date. 

9/25/18 2:10 PM

19-11 Memo Annual 1099 Processing for the NC Accounting System
19-11 Attachment 1 Schedule Procedures
19-11 Attachment 2 Reports

9/12/18 12:15 PM

On behalf of the NC Office of the State Controller and the Department of the State Treasurer, we want to make you aware of potential changes to system availability due to the impending hurricane.  Both OSC and DST have disaster recovery plans in place and ready to engage, which include working remotely.  Power outages are our biggest concern at this time, which would inhibit our staff's ability to work remotely and keep NCAS, CMCS and Core Banking running.  As long as we have power, in office or remotely, our staff will maintain the daily functions in NCAS, CMCS and Core Banking.  
We encourage you to consider entering wires, transfers, Positive Pay files and requisitions earlier than planned this week, considering the uncertainty of Friday’s weather and its impact on power availability.  Warrants presented without valid Positive Pay files will be returned.  Requisitions and transfers can be entered into CMCS until 10:30 AM for update that day.  Wires can be entered into Core Banking until 10:00 AM for processing that day. 
Please also keep in mind that historically there is an uptick in fraud during disaster related events.  Be mindful during this time - limit changes allowed in self-service portals to bank account information, and monitor your bank accounts carefully.  If you encounter any suspicious activity, please notify DST and OSC immediately.  
We are monitoring this storm closely and will notify you of any potential changes to daily schedules as soon as we can. If you have any questions during this time, please let us know.
Please continue to contact OSC Support Services at or 919-707-0795 for NCAS and CMCS support throughout this event. For Core Banking support, please email or call 919-814-3916.

8/13/18 10:35

OSC will begin checking certifications for the month of July 2018 on Monday, August 13, 2018.  Agencies that are required to certify July reports with budget in place per OSBM must ensure that both their certified budget batches and 2nd year repeat revisions are posted in NCAS and all budget codes are in balance prior to pre-certification.  For questions regarding when your agency budgets must be posted, please contact your OSBM analyst. 

8/7/18 1:55 PM Check Printing
The issue with the check printing software CSeries has been resolved.  Users may proceed with printing checks.  Thank you for your patience with this issue.
8/6/18 1:45 PM General Ledger Detail Purge 
On August 3rd, the OSC purged the General Ledger detail posting entries for FY 2016/2017 from the online system and the agency specific detail ledger (DAPG67) files. Only GL entries with an effective date of 6/30/17 to the current date are available online through the Posted Entry Query (GL220) screen.  The agency specific detail ledger files contain postings from 07/01/17 through the current date. FY2016/2017 details have been relocated to the EOY files.
7/13/18 11:00 AM REMINDER
A reminder to Fixed Asset Officers – all Capitalized (CAP) Assets in the temporary level must be processed before the July 20th deadline.  At the end of July 20th, all temporary assets that remain in the CAP temporary level will be purged.  Please clear all assets that are appearing under the 7999 control number by close of business July 20th.  The 7999 control number is a “suspense account” where the system does not recognize the account number on the 260 screen in the Fixed Asset module.  Agencies should run the C-U-FA-INFORMATION-RPT-RUN report from the FAPUBLIC library in Information Expert (IE) to identify items that appear in the suspense account. 
7/11/18 1:25 PM The new process for adding and changing vendors in the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) via SharePoint will go live on Monday, July 16, 2018.  This new process will replace the current process of requesting vendor adds and changes via VSU screen under entity VADD.  As of Monday, agencies will no longer be able to use the VSU screen under entity VADD in NCAS.
7/11/18 12:45 pm

Integrated HR/Payroll System Payroll Accruals to NCAS

The Integrated HR/Payroll System payroll accruals to NCAS will post the evening of 7/11/2018. Please call the BEST Shared Services (707-0707) if you have any problems or questions with these postings.

7/3/18 1:35 PM

System Availability/What's New

Fiscal Year 2019 is now open, and NCAS is available for processing transactions.

Reminder: Certified month-end reports for June 29, 2018 will be located in the Systemware report series OSCOP* FY2018 BD****.

All BC journal vouchers that are keyed with a ‘2’ in the third position of the document id with an effective date of June 30th will also have the effective date programmatically changed to June 29th.  The only exception to this rule is any document id that contains a ‘23’ in the third and fourth positions.    

7/3/18 9:40 AM OSC will begin checking certifications for the month of June 2018 on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.  Please note that since this is the end of the 4th quarter, OSBM will have final review and approval before you can be released for certification.  Please resolve any outstanding budgetary issues that may impede the process.
4/26/18 9:15 AM

Update of Year End Checklist and Special Processing Hours:

The OSC website has been updated with the new "Agency End of Year Calendar & Checklist" for the 2018 fiscal year close.  Please note that the final check run for 2018 will be on June 26th to be printed on June 27th.  June 26th is also the last date for manual checks and corrections between Budget Codes involving cash for FY2018 without permission from OSC’s Central Compliance Section.

Also posted on the OSC webpage are the Saturday and other special operating hours for June through October. It is important to note that no client support will be provided on Saturdays and other special processing dates.

The Agency End of Year Calendar & Checklist and the Special Hours sites can be accessed through the OSC State Agency Resources webpage or the following web address: 

2/14/18 11:30 AM All Pcard transactions with a posting date of 7/13/2007 have been removed from NCAS.