Buying Entity

A buying entity supplies a set of defaults that will govern the purchasing transactions generated within the entity. The values will default for all transactions created within that buying entity.

The buying entity is a unique code that establishes the agency's address and phone number within NCAS. Buying entities have been established for each agency. XXBG has defaults oriented to the purchase of goods; XXBS has defaults established for purchasing services. For E-Procurement transactions, purchases of goods are transacted under buying entity XXEG, and purchases of services use buying entity XXES.

Each agency has at least two buying entities. They have the following structure:


XX     =     Agency identification number

B        =    Buying

E        =    E-Procurement

G        =    Purchases of goods

S         =    Purchases of services

For example,

  • DPI uses 08EG for purchases of goods through E-Procurement.
  • OSA uses 06ES for the purchase of services through E-Procurement.

Note:  Your agency may use additional buying entities if it has unique business requirements.  For example, the Department of  Correction established a third buying entity, 42BI, for the purchase of inventory.  Additional buying entities must be reviewed and approved by the OSC to ensure compliance with the NCAS business model.


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