Requisitions/RFQ/Purchase Order Numbers

Document numbers for Requisitions, Requests for Quotation (RFQ), and Purchase Orders created in NCAS can have up to ten alphanumeric characters. Agency users can either assign their own document numbers, or they can allow the NCAS to default the value from a range of numbers established for each agency. The default document number is always 10 characters in length, and the first two characters are the agency identifier. For example, because the Office of the State Controller is agency 14, the first two digits of defaulted requisition, RFQ and purchase order numbers are always 14.

For requisitions and purchase orders created in E-Procurement and passed to NCAS, the document number is assigned in E-Procurement and passed to NCAS. The Document number for E-Procurement requisitions is a nine-digit number, with the first two digits always being "PR." Purchase orders created in E-Procurement are passed to NCAS with a nine-digit number beginning with the letters "EP."


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