Accruals - Manual Accruals

Accrual entries in the thirteenth financial accounting period are necessary to prevent the misstatement of the current fiscal year financial data.  Accruals can be processed either manually or automated.  Accruals for expenditures are processed through the accounts payable module and accruals for revenues processed through the budgetary control module can be automated.  See the Accounts Payable Accrual Procedures and the Accounts Receivable Procedures for details.  All other accruals are performed manually.

Manual accrual entries must have a June 30 effective date and can use either a 33 or 34 doc id.  Manual accrual entries can be posted to the general ledger prior to the thirteenth financial accounting period.  The manual accruals posted prior to June 30 will be processed as future dated batches and will be placed in Suspended Batch Master (SBM) file.  These batches will reside in SBM file until the normal processing cycle for June 30, when they will post automatically to the General Ledger.

A doc id 33 programmatically creates a reversal batch when the accrual entry is posted to the general ledger.  These reversal batches are also processed as future dated transactions with an effective date of 6/30/xx and are placed in SBM file.   They will reside in SBM file until the next fiscal year when they will automatically post to the General Ledger during the normal processing cycle for June 30.  Entries to assets and liabilities offset by revenues and expenditures normally require a reversing entry and for these entries OSC recommends that the agency use the doc id 33. 


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