JUNE 2024

North Carolina Financial System (NCFS) Year End Close

As we approach the end of the Fiscal Year 2024, please use the Agency Year-End Activity Checklist for guidance. Any questions or concerns related to NCFS year end activities should be submitted to the NCFS Help Desk at ncfs@ncosc.gov.

Year-End Help Sessions – registration details coming soon!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, from 2:30 – 3:30 PM – AR Accrual Process

Tuesday, June 25, 2024, from 2:30 – 3:30 PM – AP Accrual Process

NCFS Session Timeout

8 Hours Validity

NCFS duration is 8 hours. This means that once a user logs in, they can access the system for up to 8 hours with that login session. After 8 hours, the system will require the user to re-authenticate their identity ensuring the safety and security of user accounts.

1 Hour Inactivity Timeout

The inactivity timeout refers to the duration of inactivity of 1 hour after which the user will automatically be logged out of the system. If there are no interactions or activity from the user for a 1 hour, the system will log the user out to protect the user’s data if they accidentally leave their account open.

30 Minutes Idle Session Timeout

Like inactivity timeout, the idle session timeout deals with the period of inactivity. This refers to no activity on the user device while NCFS screen is in desktop view, such as no mouse movements, clicks, or keyboard strokes. If the user does not interact with the system in any way for 30 minutes, NCFS will log the user out. 

NCFS Change Control Board Has Launched

The NCFS Change Request Intake form is intended for system enhancement or change requests that do not currently exist in NCFS.  Examples include new reporting or new interface functionality with an agency.  Requests submitted via this form are subject to an internal OSC review process before approval of the request is granted.  A member of the OSC NCFS division will be in touch with the next step once the review process has been completed.

If you need to include any attachments to your request, email NCFS.CCB.Support@ncosc.gov

CCB Items Implemented

Process Area Change Control Request Description
Financial Reports
Financial Report: 11P Updates
Various captions need to be added to the ACFR, COMP, and Eagle 11P reports to account for GASB changes regarding leased assets. Universities were omitted from the report and need to be included.
Financial Reports
Financial Reports: 54F Updates
Update RPT-RTR-114, 121, 151 reports to add new captions and combine toll revenue with fees consistent with other ACFR reports.
Financial Reports
Financial Reports: 11F Updates
Update presentation of net assets on the ACFR 11F report - RPT-RTR-100, 115 & 114 and correct the rounding on the RTR-115 to 3 decimal places.
Accounts Receivable (for DHHS) Report RPTOTC004: NC AR Transaction Detail Report - missing transactions The AR Medicaid department is having issues where all transactions are not picking up on the RPTOTC004 report the next day. The issue is the report is pulling data based on transaction date. That is why some transactions are missing that DHHS expects to see the next day. DHHS needs the report to pull data based on Accounting Date versus Transaction Date for the report to be useful.
Accounts Receivable Interface INTOTC003: Customer Number Order  Requesting that the INTOTC003 information come in the interface in customer order. 
Accounts Receivable Report RPTOTC007: NC Daily AR Receipt Activity by Budget Fund needs additional parameters for customer profile Add a parameter for the customer profile- option of all or each individual customer profile (B1, B2, Be). 
Budget Split Interface: INT-BE-011 Acknowledgement file into 2 separate files IBIS would like to receive separate acknowledgement files for budget revisions and budget certifications entries.
Budget Limit reported data in Interface: ACK: INT-RTR-040; 4300: RTR040I-4300_I223_Pay_Allocatioon.txt_20240201000101.pgp Limit the reported data for NCFS budget fund for the ZFIR file for the Commerce Cost allocation to budget fund 104608.
Fixed Assets Add Location Column to Report RPT-FA-010: Physical Count Listing NC Asset List for Physical Counting Report RPT-FA-010 to include NCAS location.
Fixed Assets Updates to Report RPTFA017: Fixed Assets Extract Register Extract Register report undergoing updates to include column additions, useful life, additional details 1 and 2 so all assets show up regardless of last transaction.
Fixed Assets (for DAC) Add cost details to Report RPT-FA-013: NC Asset Additions by Agencies Cost details to be added to support monthly reporting for DAC. 
Fixed Assets (for DAC) Updated Asset Status List Request to add identifier "Stolen" to asset status drop down list. This is to identify weapons in DAC facilities when stolen.
General Ledger (for Dept. of Commerce) Limit ZFIR (HR Payroll Interface File) for Interface: INT-RTR-040 Commerce Cost Allocation to Budget Fund 104608 Department of Commerce The Department of Commerce would like to limit the exported data for NCFS budget fund for the ZFIR file for the Commerce Cost allocation to budget fund 104608.

Purchase Orders

(for State Auditor’s Off)

Interface INT-RTR-020: Audit File for State Auditors Updates Update the INT-RTR-020 State Auditor Interface to correctly report transactions that are on the same invoice but have different PO numbers listed.


NCFS Tips and Tricks

If you are running a report and it is taking a long time, try scheduling the report to run at the next available time. You can also check the suppress box and zip the file for faster processing time. Running reports demo

NCFS Training and Learning Resources

Visit our OSC Training page for Help Documents and System Courses. 
Reach out to ncfs@ncosc.gov for any specific training requests needed for your agency users. 

OSC Email Changes

Please note that OSC email addresses have changed. Anything ending with osc.nc.gov should be updated to ncosc.gov. 

NCFS Security

NCFS Security Roles define what activities users can perform in the NCFS system. Users have the authority to create and view information based on your organizational needs. To obtain a security role, users must complete the necessary prerequisites and course work. Visit our training site for a complete list of System Courses and Help Documents. 

NCFS Questions

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