Hypercare Support Team


LIST OF HST SMEs (Interface Only)

Hypercare is a time when increased project support is provided to all system users. Hypercare begins to go-live and transitions to sustainment after a few months. This is a very important time as end users become familiar with the new system and new business processes.

A dedicated Hypercare Support Team has been established at each agency to help end users through this phase of NCFS Implementation. The Hypercare Support Team Subject Matter Experts (HST SMEs) at your agency will be your first point of contact for any questions or issues during hypercare.

Q: Who should you contact for help after go live?

A: Your agency Hypercare Support Team SME will be your first point of contact for any NCFS questions. They will help keep you running!!!

HST SMEs will research:
  • How end users are mapped in the system - what their role is for NCFS
  • Status of end user's training and prerequisites


For issues with your access during Hypercare:
  • If you have issues with your access during Hypercare, for eample, if youneed additional secutiry access or if you don't have the access to the system that you expected, contact your agency's HST SME.
  • List of HST SMEs for each agency (See above links).


For users NEW to your agency:


Additional info about Hypercare  
Login Parties If your agency is hosting a login party for go-live, you will receive an invite.
All questions during Hypercare go to your agency's HST SME See above links.
OSC Contact Center will not to taking questions or email requests from end users HST SMEs and OSC Contact Center will partner to log and answer questions.