Go-Live Checklist

Before Oct. 10:
  • Complete all your training and pass your training assessments.
  • Access to NCFS wil NOT be granted unless all training is completed.
  • Know where to find the NCFS Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and Help Documents.
  • Have a plan for what you would like to accomplish during the blackout dates: October 5-9 (review quick reference guides, resource materials, training labs, refresher courses, etc.)
  • Have a plan for what you would like to accomplsh on Day 1 of NCFS. Be sure to have realistic expectations for the additional time it will take to learn a new system.
  • Know where to find help during the first few weels of implementation. This is a time called - hypercare - when additional project support and refresher training courses are provided to all system users.
  • Review the Go-Live information and ask your manager any questions ahead of time.
  • Be patient! There WILL be some bumps in the road before you are proficient on NCFS. The most successful new technology learners are those that anticipate the obstacles and issues that sometimes occur with new system implementations, new business processes, or expanding digital networks.

VIEW the R3 Workstation Readiness Checklist