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    Integrated HR/Payroll System Normal Operations
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    5/16/19 6:45 AM BI Load Failure:
    There was a data error that prevented the refresh of BI data. The load will resume on 5/17/19. Data in BI is current as of 5/13/2019.
    4/1/19 9:00 AM

    NCAS agencies:

    Payroll staff
    CMCS staff
    Budget staff
    Fiscal Staff

    The May 3, 2019 bi-weekly payroll will post in April.

    All Integrated HR/Payroll bi-weekly pay days that occur on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd of the month will be posted to the prior month.  Pay days falling on the 1st or 2nd will have both the GL entries and the CMCS requisitions dated in the prior month.  Pay days falling on the 3rd will post to GL with an effective date of the last day of the prior month, and CMCS requisitions posted in the current month as a “set back” to the prior month.  Please be aware that NCAS postings and CMCS requisitions will be dated in the month prior to the pay date. Please make sure all applicable personnel are made aware of this notification to ensure your agency has the funds available in the month prior to the actual payroll date. 

    3/26/19 7:05 AM BI Load Update:
    The BI Data Load issue from 3/25 has been resolved.  BI reporting data has been refreshed and is current as of 3/25/19.
    2/18/19 11:30 AM BOBJ Access:
    BOBJ access has been restored. Data in BI is current as of 2/17/2019.  
    11/13/18 7:30 AM BI Load Failure:
    There was a load failure this morning that prevented the refresh of BI data. Data in BI is current as of 11/8/2018.
    11/8/18 12:35 PM

    BOBJ Reports

    We completed our data correction and the impacted reports below are now available:

    • B0204: Total Timesheet Exceptions (CATS vs 2001/2002)
    • B0205: Time Leveling Exceptions (Planned Time vs 2001/2002)

    Thank you.  

    10/15/18 7:15 AM BOBJ Time Load Failure
    The Time & Quota data in BI was not refreshed due to a load failure on Saturday (10/13/18).  Quota data in BI is current as of 10/10/18.  The next refresh of this data will be on Wednesday (10/17/18).  We apologize for the inconvenience.
    10/2/18 11:00 AM BOBJ System
    The BOBJ reporting system is now available for use.  Data is current as of 10/1 and everything should be operating normally.  Please let us know if you have any issues running reports.  Again, we apologize for the extended delay. 
    10/1/18 7:20 AM BOBJ Not Available
    The Business Intelligence (BI) monthly and daily data loads failed this morning.  The BI team is working to process them manually, however, because of these failures, the BOBJ reporting system will be unavailable until the data has been loaded correctly.  We anticipate that this may take until mid to late afternoon today.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and will update this post with more information as it becomes available.
    9/12/18 7:10 AM

    We experienced a data load failure in the BI system last night.  With the exception of time evaluation results and quota data, all data is current as of 9/10/2018.  

    Unfortunately, the time data loading process failed further in its processing steps which means no Time Evaluation Results or Quota data is available for any time reports.  Our technical team has informed us that they are aware of the issue and are working with DIT to resolve the problem.  We will resume loading time data once the systems are communicating correctly.  All other loads will resume on their normal schedule.

    7/12/18 7:15 AM There was a load failure in BI that prevented the refresh of the Public Information data.  This affects the BOBJ B0155 report.  All other data in BI is unaffected and current as of 7/11/2018.
    7/11/18 12:45 PM

    Integrated HR/Payroll System Payroll Accruals to NCAS

    The Integrated HR/Payroll System payroll accruals to NCAS will post the evening of 7/11/2018. Please call the BEST Shared Services (707-0707) if you have any problems or questions with these postings.

    6/26/18 7:10 AM 6/26/2018 - We experienced a failure with the BI Daily Load that prevented the refresh of reporting data.  For now, all data in BI is current as of 6/21/2018.
    5/24/18 7:00 AM There was a failure with the BI Daily Load that prevented the refresh of Public Information data (B0155 report).  For now, the Public Information  data is current as of 5/22.  All other BI data is unaffected and is current as of 5/23/18.

    The Integrated HR/Payroll portal will be unavailable due to maintenance between the hours of:

    • Weekdays 8pm - 9pm EST
    • Sundays 2pm - 8pm EST