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HR/Payroll System Status

    Current Status

    System Status
    Integrated HR/Payroll System Operating Normally
    BI/BOBJ Operating Normally

    Latest Updates

    Date Time Update
    9/12/18 7:10 AM

    We experienced a data load failure in the BI system last night.  With the exception of time evaluation results and quota data, all data is current as of 9/10/2018.  

    Unfortunately, the time data loading process failed further in its processing steps which means no Time Evaluation Results or Quota data is available for any time reports.  Our technical team has informed us that they are aware of the issue and are working with DIT to resolve the problem.  We will resume loading time data once the systems are communicating correctly.  All other loads will resume on their normal schedule.

    7/12/18 7:15 AM There was a load failure in BI that prevented the refresh of the Public Information data.  This affects the BOBJ B0155 report.  All other data in BI is unaffected and current as of 7/11/2018.
    7/11/18 12:45 PM

    Integrated HR/Payroll System Payroll Accruals to NCAS

    The Integrated HR/Payroll System payroll accruals to NCAS will post the evening of 7/11/2018. Please call the BEST Shared Services (707-0707) if you have any problems or questions with these postings.

    6/26/18 7:10 AM 6/26/2018 - We experienced a failure with the BI Daily Load that prevented the refresh of reporting data.  For now, all data in BI is current as of 6/21/2018.
    6/4/18 3:50 PM

    NCAS agencies:

    Payroll staff
    Budget staff
    Fiscal Staff

    Employee time data through June 30th must be approved by July 20, 2018.  

    Pursuant to G.S. 143B-426.40H, the Office of the State Controller (OSC) is preparing the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The OSC HR/Payroll team utilizes time data for the year-end compensated absences report which is an integral part of the CAFR. Vacation and bonus leave balances from the State’s HR/Payroll system on June 30, 2018, are used in this process and must be up-to-date. Therefore, all Integrated HR/Payroll-serviced agencies must ensure that employee time data through June 30 is recorded, released and approved no later than Friday, July 20, 2018.

    Agencies following the OSC recommendation of employees entering time and managers approving it weekly will not have to make any changes to accomplish this task.  Final reports for CAFR use will be produced on July 26th.  The compensated absence reports will no longer be sent to the agencies except by special request through BEST shared service center, ( or 919-707-0707

    5/24/18 7:00 AM There was a failure with the BI Daily Load that prevented the refresh of Public Information data (B0155 report).  For now, the Public Information  data is current as of 5/22.  All other BI data is unaffected and is current as of 5/23/18.

    The Integrated HR/Payroll portal will be unavailable due to maintenance between the hours of:

    • Weekdays 8pm - 9pm EST
    • Sundays 2pm - 8pm EST