532911-532951 - Other Services

  •  Insurance
    • 532911 Property
    • 532912 Motor Vehicle
    • 532913 Liability
    • 532919 Other
  • 532920 Bonding Payments
    For an insurance contract by which a bonding agency guarantees payment of a specific sum to the State in the event of a financial loss caused by an employee of the State.
  • 532925 Inmate Tuition
    To record the tuition paid for inmates enrolled in community college classes
  • 532930 Registration Fees
    To record fees charged to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, and like meetings where the fees collected from the participants are used to defray the costs of speakers, course materials, building use, breaks, and lunches.
  • Employee Educational and Other Expenses
    These accounts are classified as Employee Benefits for year-end reporting.
    • 532941 Educational Assistance Program               Taxable
    • 532942 Other Employee Training Expenses           Non-Taxable
    • 532950 Employee Moving Expenses
      Beginning January 1, 2018, employee moving expenses are taxable benefits per IRS guidelines and should be processed through the agency’s/university’s payroll system as a taxable reimbursement.
    • 532951 Staff Tuition Waiver - Resident/Nonresident