227120-227191 - Deposits Payable

Deposits Payable - Non-Current

This account group is used to record payments made to state agencies by private individuals, firms and corporations which are immediately refundable under specified conditions. These include deposits made as a prerequisite to obtaining goods and services, security deposits, deposits from other funds and governmental subdivisions, escheats payable, as well as deposits required to be made for various purposes such as breakage, keys, reservations, etc.

  • 227120 Federal Government
  • 227130 N.C. Funds and Government Units
  • 227140 Patient Deposits
  • 227150 Student Deposits
  • 227160 Tenants Deposits
  • 227170 Due to Deferred Compensation Plan Participants
  • 227190 Funds Held for Others
    • This account is used to record the non-current portion of all other deposits not classified elsewhere.
  • 227191 Funds Held in Trust for Pool Participants - Noncurrent
    • Used by university agency funds when the university participates in an external investment pool sponsored by the university.  The pool is utilized to manage investments for organizations that operate primarily to support the university.  Endowment funds of the university represent the pool's internal participants, and other affiliated organizations not included in the unversity's reporting entity represent the pool's external participants.  The external portion of the pool is represented by this liability account in the university's agency funds.