218110-218200 - Unearned Revenue

Unearned Revenue (COA)

  • 218110 Unearned Revenue

    This account may be used by either proprietary funds or governmental funds as follows:
    • in government mandated and voluntary nonexchange transactions, should be used by recipient to record resources transmitted before eligibility requirements are met,excluding time requirements as described in GASB 65 paragraph 10;
    • to record resources received in advance of an exchange transaction
    • to record resources received in advance for derived tax revenue nonexchange transactions
  • 218111 Unearned Insurance Premiums
  • 218120 Deferred revenue-Unavailable current period (effective FY 2014 this account is classified as a Deferred inflow of resources)

    This account is no longer classified as a current liability and has been moved to the Deferred Inflows section of the chart of accounts effective for fiscal year 2014 with the implementation of GASB 65.
  • 218200 Other Deferred Credits Effective FY 2014, this account is no longer valid.  Please use a more detailed unearned revenue account  218110 or 218111 or a deferred inflow account 2292XX as needed.


    For additional information, please refer to the GASB 65 Financial reporting update on the OSC GASB Resources webpage
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