121XXX - Cash and Cash Equivalent

Cash & Cash Equivalents, & Pooled Cash - Non-Current Restricted/Designated

These accounts represent noncurrent cash & cash equivalents, and pooled cash whose use is subject to constraints that are either (a) externally imposed by creditors (such as through debt covenants), grantors, contributors, or laws or regulations of other governments or (b) imposed by law through constitutional provisions. Restricted assets should be reported when restrictions (as defined above, from GASB statement 34, paragraph 34) on asset use change the nature or normal understanding of the availability of the asset (from GASB statement 34, paragraph 99).  These accounts are for use only by proprietary funds.  Universities will use these accounts for cash in the endowment funds, agency funds and plant funds.  These accounts are also used to represent unrestricted cash and cash equivalents and pooled cash internally designated for capital purposes and classified as noncurrent.

Cash and Cash Equivalent - Non-Current

  • 121110 Cash on Hand
    This account includes cash on hand used by the agency for the change funds and petty cash funds.  It also includes undeposited receipts of the agency at year end.  
  • 121120 Cash in Bank - Noninterest Bearing Checking Account
    This account is to be used when an agency has a regular noninterest bearing checking account with private financial institutions.  
  • 121130 Cash in Bank - Interest Bearing Accounts
    This includes the following types of accounts:

Cash in Bank - Interest Bearing Checking Accounts
This account is to be used when an agency has a regular interest bearing checking account with a private financial institution.

Cash in Bank - Savings Accounts
This account is to be used when an agency has a savings account at a financial institution. Savings accounts are time deposits. Generally passbook savings accounts are regarded as readily available funds even though banks are authorized to require up to require up to 30 days notice of withdrawal.

Cash in Bank - Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Accounts (NOW Accounts)
This account is to be used when an agency or university has a NOW account at a bank or savings and loan institution. NOW accounts are time deposits. NOW accounts are, in effect, interest-bearing checking accounts.

Cash in Bank - Money Market Accounts
This account is to be used when an agency has a Money Market Account at a financial institution. Money Market Accounts are time deposits. They usually require a minimum of $1,000 and only three checks may be drawn per month, although unlimited transfers may be carried out at an ATM machine. The funds are considered liquid--that is, they are available to depositors at any time without penalty. These accounts are insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.

  • 121140 Cash in Bank Pooled Cash Accounts
    This account is to be used by AOC only. This control represents their pooled trust funds at a financial institution in which funds held in trust are invested in one account and the interest is prorated to the individual trust account in the pool.
  • 121190 Cash in Bank - Other Accounts
    This account is to be used when an agency has an account at a financial institution and it does not meet the definition of one of the above identified controls.

Pooled Cash - Non-Current

  • 121220 State Treasurer's Short-Term Investment Fund (STIF)
    STIF accounts are interest-bearing accounts established directly with the Treasurer's Office.  Agency funds eligible for STIF accounts are not subject to the State Budget Act.  Participants in the pool are allocated interest based upon their average daily balance in the fund.  
  • 121260 Budget Code Cash
    This account represents cash recorded in all budget codes, except for institutional funds, general fund, and capital improvement funds.  The budget code cash may earn interest if legally mandated.
  • 121270 Cash in Allotment Account
    This account represents funds on deposit in the State Treasury which are available for expenditures by an agency for authorized purposes.  The Office of State Budget and Management authorizes, through quarterly allotments, amounts agencies may expend from appropriations.  All balances in the Cash in Allotment Account should revert to the General Fund at year end, except for those balances in the 4XXXX - Capital Projects budget codes.
  • 121280 Unallotted State Appropriations for Capital Improvement
    This account represents an agency's share of revenues which have been appropriated from the State's General Fund by the Legislature for capital improvements but have not been released by the Office of State Budget and Management.
  • 121290 Bond Proceeds Cash Adjustment
    This account is used to convert the budgetary bond transactions in the capital projects budget codes to GAAP basis.