Account System Parameters

Field Name
Non-financial code F = Debit/Credit account
N= Statistical account
Indicates whether an account will contain statistical or financial amounts
Normal Sign code 0=No alert reporting
1=Debit account (alert for credit amounts)
2=Credit account (alert for debit amounts)
3=Credit accounts (alert for a credit or debit amount)
4=Debit account (alert for a debit or credit amount)
5=Debit account (alert for credit Balance only)
6=Credit account (alert for a debit Balance only)
Indicates whether an account is regarded as a debit or credit account.
Over/Short Code 0=Reporting
1=No reporting
Indicates whether reports should be produced on this account for over and short items.
Authorized Cash Amount Alphanumeric Lets you establish alerts for this account.
Percent Change Limit Alphanumeric Lets you establish limit alerts for this account.
Required Entry Code 0=Journal entries required for posting
1=Journal entries not required for posting
Indicates whether an account/center must have transactions posted to it.
Reconcile Code 0=No account reconcilement
1=Account reconcilement
Specifies whether you want a special report produced to list entries that do not have offsetting activity.
Lower/Upper Limits