Requisition Worksheet Form

The Requisition Worksheet Form may be used to gather the information needed to create a purchase order in the North Carolina Accounting System Purchasing module. The requester completes the left-hand portion of the worksheet. It lists who is requesting the order, what is to be ordered, what accounting distribution is to be charged, and where the items are to be delivered. The requester should list as complete an item description as possible so that the purchasing officer can select the most appropriate NCAS item number. The purchasing officer completes the right-hand portion of the worksheet. It lists vendor information, delivery and payment terms, NCAS item numbers, and pricing information. Once the purchase order is created, a copy of the completed form may be sent to the requester as notification that the request has been processed.

Requisition Worksheet Form Agency Modifications

Step Action
1. Add agency name and/or form number. 
2. Add or modify approval lines and instructions to match agency internal form flow procedures. 

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