ESS Comp Balance Check when Recording Bonus Leave

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The purpose of this job aid is to explain the comp balance check when recording bonus leave, including examples.

With the changes to the Vacation & Bonus Leave policy effective 10/1/2014, an employee can choose to consume Bonus Leave before Vacation Leave. To accommodate this policy revision, Bonus Leave has been removed from the Approved Leave hierarchy effective 9/1/15 and is now deductible with new A/A type 9100 (Bonus Leave).

A new validation in the ESS Timesheet will prevent an employee from keying Bonus Leave (A/A 9100) if there is an available balance in any of the Comp Leave quotas. The validation will consider current balances and will take into account any Approved Leave keyed prior to the A/A 9100 entry on the timesheet. Job Aid ESS-13.

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