2019 State Controller's Fiscal Integrity Award

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The State Controller‘s Fiscal Integrity Award is presented each year to a state employee or agency that has demonstrated a record of exemplary adherence to the ethical principles of fiscal integrity, worked to sustain open government, and has an earned reputation for fairness and service to the citizens of the State.

This award is intended to acknowledge and express appreciation for an individual or agency within North Carolina State government that inspires or raises ethical standards for state public officials and employees, significantly increases transparency, and inspires personal and professional integrity in state government. Someone worthy of the State Controller’s Fiscal Integrity Award embodies the Office of the State Controller’s commitment to trustworthiness, always tries to do what’s right, even in difficult circumstances, and demonstrates integrity in all dealings, personal and professional. 


•    Anyone can nominate a state employee or agency.

•    Nominees’ work practices and ethical standards must be consistent with the Office of the State Controller’s values.  https://www.osc.nc.gov/about/who-we-are

•    One nominee will be selected.

•    To receive the award, an individual or agency must demonstrate both leadership and commitment to the cause of high ethical conduct, with consistency and professionalism, resulting in a difference in the ethical climate in North Carolina state government.

•    The State Controller’s Fiscal Integrity Committee will select the winner from all eligible nominees.

The following individuals are eligible for nomination: 

•    Individual must be an active State employee during all or a portion of the award period. 

•    Full-time, part-time, or time-limited employees are eligible.

•    Individuals who were nominated, but did not receive the Integrity Award, may be nominated again in a succeeding award year.

•    Nominations can be made for an individual or an agency. 

•    Individuals can nominate peers and/or managers and vice versa.

•    Employees of OSC are not eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process: 

•    Complete the online form below

•    Include a synopsis of the nominee’s accomplishment(s)

•    If you have other supporting documents, please email to Anne Godwin with the subject line: Nomination: {Persons Name}

The nomination should provide information on the nominee’s contributions to fiscal integrity. The following are items that may be discussed in nominating an individual or group: 

•    Information on the technical and professional competence of the nominee. 

•    A description of the contributions that positively influenced fiscal integrity within their profession and their office’s fiscal functions. 

•    Information about the employee’s efforts that resulted in improvements to fiscal processes or contributions to promote state government’s fiscal profession. 

•    A description of the long-term or lasting benefit(s) of the nominee’s accomplishments. 

•    Other relevant information that will elaborate on the merits of the nominee or assist the Committee in making its decision. 

•    Copies of other documents can be emailed to Anne Godwin.

Award Ceremony: 
The award will be presented annually by the State Controller. The presentation will take place at the December State Controller’s Financial Conference. A plaque will be presented to the award winner and a permanent record (plaque) will be housed in the Office of the State Controller.
The award winner will be notified prior to the award ceremony. Once the award winner is honored at the ceremony, an email will be sent to all interested parties, and an article will be included on the Office of the State Controller website. 

Questions or Additional Information: 
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Anne Godwin at 919-707-0650.

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