Table of Content: Personnel Administration/Job Aids

Course Title\Description
Address Field Helps And Hints
Business Workplace Button Functions
Change Date Specifications
Change Work Schedule Rules
Copy PA PCR Notes to Infotypes QRG
Create / Maintain Disciplinary Actions
Create / Maintain Grievances
Employee Directory FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide
Employee Groups and Subgroups
Employee Overview Screen
Enter Verified Education
Grievance Maintainer
How to Cancel a PCR
How to Locate a PA PCR
Infotype Overview For Employee
Length Of Service
LOA Checklist - FMLA
LOA Checklist - Military - Reserve Active Duty
LOA Checklist - STD
LOA - Military RAD Workflow Chart
LOA/Reinstatement Checklist - Workers' Compensation
LOA Requirements
Maintain Text On Infotypes In PA
Monitoring of Tasks (IT0019)
New Hire Action Guide
Non-Beacon to Beacon Action Guide
OM & PA Job Aid Changing Position Eligibility Settings
PA Actions Reasons Definitions
PA Basics QRG
PA BPP Tips and Tricks
PA Business Workplace Dynamic Columns & Layouts
PA Business Workplace Overview Tree Functions
PA Change Log
PA Infotypes
PA Workflow Inbox
PA Workflow Routing Process
PA Workflow Steps in Approval Process
Personnel Area Subarea
Promotion Action Guide
Reinstatement from LOA Workers' Comp and Appointment Change
Reinstatement of Employee With Longevity Pay
Reinstatement/Reemployment Action Guide
Salary Adjustment Action Guide
Separation Action - Retirement Reason
Settlement Action Checklist
Settlement Guide for Submitting to BEST
Severance Pay Calculations
Transfer Action Guide
Transfer Process Checklist
Veteran and Military Status (IT0077)
Work Against Memo
Workers' Comp BEACON Actions and Reasons Summary Chart