1099 Filing Requirements

Agencies file the following 1099 forms based on varying 1099 requirements:

Regardless of which 1099 form is sent to the taxpayer, IRS regulations require that Form 1099 information returns must include the payer’s phone number that leads to direct access to individuals actually able to resolve a taxpayer’s question in an expeditious manner.  The phone number requirement applies to payee statements reporting (1) payments of $600 or more in the course of a trade or business, (2) payments for services of $600 or more, (3) direct sales of $5000 or more, (4) payments of unemployment compensation, (5) payments of mortgage interest, (6) payments of interest, (7) cash receipts of $10,000 or more, (8) foreclosures or abandonments of security, or (9) payments of royalties.  Agencies should verify that this number is accurate from year to year.

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