Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies(for Consumption) COA

  •  533610               Drugs Supplies
    • 533610001         Prescription Drugs
    • 533610002         Non-Prescription Drugs
    • 533610003         Clozapine
    • 533610004         Bloodborn Pathogens Drugs

    • 533610005         Drug Overdose Medications


  • 533630                       Dental Supplies

  • To record costs of dental supplies such as toothpaste,
    brushes, floss, dentures as well as items used in dental
    examinations such as filling materials, bonding, fluoride.
  • 533640                       Optical Supplies

  • To record costs of optical supplies to include eyeglasses,
    lenses, and related items used in eye examinations.
  • 533650                       Orthopedic Supplies

  • To record costs of consumable supplies used in the diagnosis
    and treatment of bone disorders.
  • 533690                        Other Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies

  • To record the costs of other pharmaceutical supplies not recorded elsewhere.
    • 533690001         Bloodborn Pathogens Supplies

    • To record costs of consumable medical supplies related to the prevention and diagnosis of bloodborn diseases, not including waste basket liners, cleaners and other such janitorial supplies. Drugs and vaccines are to be recorded the Drug Supplies account.
    • 533690002         Other Pharmaceutical Supplies-reagents
    • 533690003         Other Pharmaceutical Supplies-drug test