Past-Due Account Collection Guidelines

Policy Area: Statewide Accounts Receivable Program

Effective Date: July 1, 1995 Revision Date: July 1, 2011

Authority:§ 147-86.21 provides that the State Controller adopts statewide policies and procedures and that state agencies shall establish internal policies and procedures for the management and collection of accounts receivable consistent with statewide policies and procedures. § 147-86.22 provides that the State Controller with the Office of the Attorney General shall establish policies and procedures to govern techniques for collection of accounts receivable.

Policy: All accounts sent to the Office of the Attorney General will go through the following procedure:

Age of Accounts  
1-30 days past due Mail first past-due letter.
Receive a promise to pay.
31-60 days past due Mail second and final past-due letter.
Send confirmation letter for repayment.
Refer to Attorney General's Office.
61+ days past due Complete appropriate submittal forms and send to the Attorney General's Office, or the agency legal counsel. Refuse additional service to the delinquent debtor where this does not conflict with Federal and State laws.