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08/24/2015 4:15 pm

The Department of State Treasurer is still experiencing network issues which are affecting our Core Banking System. Please continue to call 919-814-3915 to submit wire requests with effective dates of August 25, 2015.  If, after several attempts, you are unable to reach a Banking representative, you may call Melissa Rivenbark at 919-215-4455, Brandon Watson at 919-491-2646, Malcolm Weekes at 919-622-1704, or Mark Carlson at 919-641-0398. Positive Pay files can be submitted once network issues have been resolved.  As an exception, you may release checks dated August 24th or 25th prior to submitting the Positive Pay files.

As a result of DST’s server problems, CMCS transactions (requisitions, transfers and certifications of deposit) cannot be fully processed and your AK-04 screen budget code balances may be incorrect.  Until resolved, please calculate your AK-04 balances like you do at the first of a new month.  We appreciate your patience. 

02/17/2015 9:30 am

CMCS is up and fully operational.  Due to the delay, you will have until 11:30 to submit requisitions and transfers for today’s processing.  Thanks!

02/17/2015 8:00 am

OSC and ITS are currently working on the system problem.  Please do not try to access CMCS until we notify you, as this can interfere with the repair/restore. . Thanks

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